Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i got the wife playing pokemon

she said she hated it till i let her play soul silver. now she plays all the time and is pretty pro at battling. shes going to get pokemon white

pokemon crystal

i started playing pokemon crystal today and it all brought me back. i remember geting this game around release right before i fell out of pokemon. turning on the game i was amazed about how advanced it felt. i never seen anything like that from a game boy. everything was so colorful and easy on the eyes. around this time was when they started using animation for the pokemons sprites and that was awesome. i loved the whole night and day system that made things all the more difficult  seeing as how you can only get certain pokemon durring a certain time of day.

ratchet and clank

what amazing games they are. i never found a game that drawn me in soo much. all the customization and guns. im definitely going to play these games alot more